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You are totally correct.  One of the car manufactures that used the paint was Central Valley.  There is a chart that shows how to mix the old Floquil paint to match but even that has fallen by the wayside.  Sure glad I stocked up, no not on toilet paper, on Floquil Paints before they all disappeared.  I think that the old 410M paint was alcohol based but I am not sure.  I have tried to mix it with the dry paint with no luck.

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I recently purchased, on E-Bay, 5 old Mainline Models kits from the same person.  It was interesting that the instructions in 4 of them referred to 410-M paint for painting the models.  I have long thought that 90% of all kit made are sitting on a shelf.  This kind of goes along with that.

For those who never heard of 410-M paint, it was probably the thing in the 40's and 50's before Floquil.

Cliff Mestel

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