Re: HOn3 PSC DL535 question

Jim Spencer

I, too, have a pair of unpainted DL-535s.  Like the two in the photo painted Rio Grande, I bought mine with the same idea: to make them what-might-have-been Rio Grande. I also have a pair of "shovelnose" GE 90s that I have planned to paint with the aspen gold four stripe scheme and pull modern dome passenger cars, again what-might-have-been. 

I rode the White Pass from Whitehorse to Skagway in 1973.  These locos brought back some memories.  73, their 2-8-2 was sitting on display out in the weather in front of Lake Bennett.  Glad to see it was restored and operating.  And I have seen one of the three full width cab versions of the DL-535 on the Plaster City RR in way southern California.

I wonder how many of them were sold to Rio Grande fans who had the same idea. 

Also, when in Peru, I rode behind the 3' gauge DL-535s on the railroad to Machu Pichu and saw some of the shovel noses in Argentina on their meter gauge, maybe also in Equador on their 3'-6" gauge.  I suspect there is a market for these models south of the Equator.

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