Re: HOn3 PSC DL535 question

John Stutz


My misunderstanding, and your luck!

My 2.02 mm axle measurement was taken between the wheels with a metric digital caliper, and yours at the smaller wheel mounting stubs. This means you can, in principle, replace the center axles with 2mm full length stock and fit both your axle gear and the previously mentioned NWSL wheels. Which avoids the iffy question of sourcing an appropriate axle gear.

Regarding wheel centers, the wheels closer to the gears have blackened brass(?) centers. Only the top wheels in your photographs have the delrin centers. The electrical path in these locomotives is in via 3 wheels on one truck, through the motor, and out through the opposite side's wheels on the other truck.

The body is isolated from the trucks and track, very desirable for locomotives expected to operate in randomly oriented multiples on our far less than prototypical radius curves and turnouts. Remember that White Pass operated these in sets of up to six, enough to yank couplers out of their steel cars if the engineers were not careful. They actually pulled one end of the frame off of a couple of the former UTLX narrow frame tanks, but those had been cracked and patched before the cars left Colorado

John Stutz

On April 11, 2020 at 12:20 PM "Robert Bell via" <ionhoss@...> wrote:

I'm not missing the wheel sets, just the middle wheels of each truck.  All the rest of the wheels have what looks to be a delrin center with a metal (nickel plated brass?) tire (rim).  Axles are all there and I checked the ends of them with calipers to get the measurement if 1.75mm.



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