Re: HOn3 PSC DL535 question

John Stutz


No instructions. They did provide 3 xerox's of photographic parts identification listings, but that is all that I have, and I do not currently have access to a scanner. I will try to get decent photographs.

Checking my kit, I find the drivers to be: insulated one side, scale 36" diameter, code 99 wheels on 2.02 mm axles, with 14-tooth gears 6.61mm OD, yielding a nominal .415 mm modulus. NWSL did not offer 36" wheels in Hon3, but any of their #31708, 31718, or 32268(?) HO SG code 88 NS 2mm axle wheel sets can be regauged and trimmed to fit. Note that the earlier plated versions of these used 3/32 axles, so are not substitutable. And you might want to substitute a steel axle to prevent galling. NWSL also offered .4mm modulus 14-tooth, 2.5mm bore gears as #314.6. These would require a sleeve to mount on the 2 mm axle, so I would go through their special replacement gear listing for a 14 tooth, 6.4mm OD, 2mm axle version.

Assuming you can find the parts, it should be fairly straightforward to replace and power the missing wheel sets.

John Stutz

On April 9, 2020 at 6:10 AM "Robert Bell via" <ionhoss@...> wrote:

Greetings all,

When PSC did the DL535 kits, were there instructions?   I would appreciate a copy if anyone has a copy. 

Also, I am looking for 8 of the wheels for the DL535.  They are scale 36" dia. (0.413"), with a plastic (Delrin?) center, and fit a 1.75mm axle.  I have two kit-built models that are missing the middle set of wheels on each truck, they were missing when I acquired them last year. 

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Rob Bell
Waynesville, NC 


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