Re: HOn3 PSC DL535 question

Mark Kasprowicz

The centre axles on the DL535's are geared. Not easy to find other than from a scrap model. I haven't checked mine but I think all six axles are the same, in which case one orther DL535 would supply both your models. There was only one run of themĀ  and they do not come up for sale very frequently so finding a basket case may prove difficult. They sell for upwards of $500 so is $125 per axle reasonable?

You might consider having the axles turned uo by NWSL, the gears too, but it depends how much you're willing to pay to bring the two up to spec. Another option is to just make up a ungeared axle and perhaps use commerical wheels of the same diameter but different profile and have them as unpowered axles.

I have a couple of these, factory builtĀ  (I think) but was unaware they were offered as kits. One of them was a real basket case and needed comprehensive rebuilding. No instructions I fear.

Mark K

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