Re: New Splines

Steve Hatch

Over the years I came to realize that screw or nails or any of that wasn't necessary if you
use the right glue.  For these lams, white glue doesn't work but furniture grade aliphatic resin glues
(both the brown and the yellow) , hold for about 150 years so that's good enough for me.
They are right next to the white glues in Home Depot.
  The dark brown aliphatic resin glue is even recommended for  out-door furniture.
So...... I use it and no staples or nails or just don't need them
I do have an air stapler and brad nailer etc. but they just aren't necessary.
BUT   they must be clamped for maximum holding power.  Also it's best to smear the glue on the whole surface
of the block  to ensure maximum strength contact.  I just use my finger to cover the two faces then insert the block.
Simple quick and dry and holding in about 2 hrs in the winter.
Here's the glue I use

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