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Look for a copy of “The Mudhens” by Dennis O’Berry too.

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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone here knows about or could point me towards information covering the evolution of the K-27s.  I'm specifically interested in when their slide valves and Stephenson valve gear were replaced with cylinder valves and Walschaerts valve gear.  I know they were done at different times as the engines were shopped.  I'm looking at what time frame that occurred like 19xx-19xx.

1923 #454 inside  1924 #456 inside  1925 # 461 & 458 inside also 464- 452 and 455 outside 1926 463 & 459 out side  I believe that valve gear was installed the same times  450 451 457 and 460 sayed slide
I missed 2 somehow     Bob Veefkind

Wayne Cohen

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