Re: Bench Work Fframing

Bill Lugg

I build my L-girders out of dimensional lumber thinking that gluing an screwing two pieces together at right angles to each other would keep them from warping or twisting.  For the most part I came out OK, but I have two that are so bad they're unusable for much more than rockers on a chair.  Much later I read of someone that used 3/4" plywood to make the parts for his L-Girders specifically to avoid this issue.  When I finish my benchwork, I think I'll go that direction too.

Bill Lugg

On 3/27/20 11:14 PM, Mike Conder wrote:
Inspiring work.   I never considered using plywood for benchwork, you've changed my plans a bit ...

Mike Conder

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020, 3:08 PM Steve Hatch <hatch@... <mailto:hatch@...>> wrote:

I finished the basic framing yesterday for the expansion of the
railroad into the new addition.
So frame #4 is sort-off an overall. Best I could do to get most of
it in the shot.
I cut my 1x4's out of ply wood.  It makes better/stronger joints
and frame than standard 1x4's'
Plus it's cheaper and easy to work the dimensions and assembly.
frame 4 is the latest picture.  took about 7 hrs to do all the
framing in the 20x20 ft space.
  Now I'm starting the roadbed for the standard gauge all around
the room and the narrow gauge wandering
here and there.   Having fun in Dewey AZ......
The railroad is now 46ft by 20ft.
This is what I've been doing instead of making turnouts.
at 78 I decided to build my own RR (about time)
.Steve Hatch

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