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Bill Lugg

Look at the drawings in  I think we've all agreed on the wide shallow "original" cabinet in the drawings.  Some have been asking if there's a way to produce a laser cut kit for this cabinet that folks could purchase at a reasonable price.  I put the drawings together without consideration or any real understanding of the capabilities or limitations of laser cutting wood.  So I'm wide open to any changes that might be required to make it possible as long as strength and durability are not sacrificed.

Bill Lugg

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what exactly do you need

our laser cutting capabilities are anything (including steel) up to 36 x 55 inches.

how can we help <http://www.portlandlocomotive>

Gary Kohler
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So, my engineering curiosity got the best of me and I started
Google for laser cutting wood.  At first blush, I've found a
couple of
companies that might be candidates: Sculpteo
( and Ponoko
( - there are certainly
others.  Ponoko seems to have a wider array of materials and
(up to 0.25" in some materials), but their sheet size is too small
our needs.  Sculpteo, on the other hand, offers a quite adequate
size (32" x 15") but they seem to work exclusively in 0.125" thick
plywood.  Accubeam
( is a
company that could cut the cabinet as designed, but I fear it
would be
extremely expensive, just based on the appearance and quality of
web site (unless we were ordering a lot of cabinets).

So, the questions are:
1. Is it worth pursuing this further?

2. if the answer to 1 is yes, we would need to build up cabinet
components and drawer parts that are thicker than a plywood sheet
out of
multiple pieces.  Does that sound like a viable solution?

3. What are the minimum thicknesses the group thinks we can go for
of these components to minimize cost, but maintain strength and

Bill Lugg

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> Hummmmmmmmmmm, still trying to figure out that one. I thought
someone was going to do a lazar run kit and sell them.  Dave
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>> Remember too, they're worth what you paid for them.  :o)
>> Bill
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>>> By george, I think you have it.  When I can I order one and
possibly two!
>>> Dave
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>>>> OK, I've updated the design incorporating the information
provided by Al
>>>> and the great suggestions by Rick, Dave and others.  The
slides are now
>>>> part of the drawers and run in grooves in the sides. Clearance is
>>>> provided all around and an alternative treatment is offered
to rabbet
>>>> the slides into the sides of the drawers for added strength. 
Knobs are
>>>> up to the builder; the one I've specified will work, but I
don't really
>>>> like it, it's too big.  Dusty and Rick had some good ideas as
>>>> Everything has been updated at
>>>> Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to add or change.
>>>> Bill Lugg

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