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Robert Veefkind

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Im 32, and just starting in the Hon3 hobby.  I would love to see photos of your Silverton Northern models.  My railroad is the Silverton, Lake City and Northern and you can find photos of it on Facebook under that name.  I might start a website soon.

the layout was featured in the Gazette sept/oct  2002 and a few issues of the now defunct Light Iron Digest. Motive power will be a project if you want to be strictly prototype. The nearest I can think of is the Westside c-25 # 375 which resembles SN # 34. Some believe the c-18s can be changed to favor # 3 and # 4     lots of work. If I can find photos write to me   snookdust@... as I don't want to clog up this group with photos    thanks for your interest      Bob Veefkind

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