Re: glum days

kevin b

I missed the first convention in St. Louis but got most every one after that until 10 years ago. It is sad fact many of us are over 80 and children and grandchildren are not interested in our hobby. I am frustrated whether to sell my brass collection to get the most money out of it for them or say the hell with it and just enjoy what I have. The virus has a lot of us semi confined but at least I have my hobby.The only bugs in my collection are electrical.
Bob Veefkind

I would like to suggest that you who have likely worked all your life and provided for your family the whole time etc.,
run your trains to your hearts content and let the folks who survive you do what they wish with their inheritance.
that is, of course, assuming you have left them, at least your spouse? financially able to continue without you.
on the other hand, if you have all the families wealth tied up in trains, then, perhaps, you should sell them.
I take it you're not going to sell your car now and walk till you die? and the lawn mower and your clothes and so on?
my 2 cents worth and the way i'm gonna do it.

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