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Good thoughts Robert.  
We, those over 70, all have the same thoughts as we probably still have our first Brass locomotive among many others, or a stack of yellow boxes from FSM or other such places.  My first brass locomotive was a PFM 2-8-0 Old Time MA&PA #23-26, that I purchased at Schlickers Tobacco & Hobby Shop in Elgin Illinois.  I paid $34.95 for it in 1964 and my parents thought I had completely lost my mind.  Over the years I communicated with Don Drew at PFM and asked many questions and got may parts.  I also accumulated more and more brass locomotives.  Shortly, within a year of his passing, I visited him in Edmonds Washington and saw what was once the PFM empire, his PFM layout, the repair areas, books,and his wonderful collection of brass locomotives.  I noted the Vulcan Duplex in that I had one of them, and he said that his was actually the second run.  Seems that some former employee came in and took several pieces of brass including the first year run.  If you look at them you will see one with cab window open and the other closed.  Shortly after that Don attached "PFM Collection NO. xxx" small brass attachments to the bottom of the locomotives.  I told him about my first PFM model and he reached under the cases of brass and brought out the Nickle Plated one that was used in the catalogue.  When asked why he said Nickle photographed better,  In any case he offered it to me and I purchased it.  It sits next to my original now.  I also was able to get a Abberthy-Lougheed Climax that PFM never imported but was the sample locomotive plus the blue print for it.  
Now getting back after wandering off my original discussion.  Perhaps this virus scare is actually a blessing as it will get us back to that stack of stuff we have accumulated and never built or fixing something we have put off for so long,.  I just got done building two 4 story warehouses that are 25 inches long each (they are flats), one for me and one for a buddy in TN.  It was fun to get glue on my hands once again, and of course draw blood from a carelessly placed xacto knife. hahahhaa  In other words, this gives us an excuse to sit down and enjoy the hobby once again as the world comes to a screeching halt about us.  Enjoy your self and the hobby and mostly have fun.  Stay safe and avoid other people, use anti bacterial hands gel not only on your hands but your face if you go out in public.  Call me over cautions but I even take a shower when I come home and change clothes.  Who knows how has it, how you get it, or when.  I'm just going to be over cautions until we find out more.  I have too much to build to check out anytime soon.


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I missed the first convention in  St. Louis but got most every one after that until 10 years ago. It is  sad fact many of us are over 80 and children and grandchildren are not interested in our hobby. I am frustrated whether to sell my brass collection to get the most money out of it for them or say the hell with it and just enjoy what I have. The virus has a lot of us semi confined but at least I have my hobby.The only bugs in my collection are electrical.

Bob Veefkind

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