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Bill Lugg

No problem, I'll see what I can come up with.  As I recall we all agreed on a cabinet similar to the original with the wood stored crosswise, right?

Bill Lugg

On 3/12/20 1:28 PM, Climax@... wrote:
I'm sorry Bill, I started it and got side tracked with all the virus stuff and my Masonic Lodge duties. Besides that the NMRA Sunshine Region which I am the President of, is giving me a fit as directors are not doing the jobs they signed on to do.
I will willingly relinquish the job for now and when I get them done I will still forward them to you for your evaluation. Who knows, yours might even be better than what I was thinking anyway.

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Has any progress been made with drawings of this cabinet?  If not, I
have some time and could take a stab at it from the info and photos I've

Bill Lugg

On 1/25/20 9:26 PM, asandrini wrote:
Sorry, fat fingers hit the sent button and not the attach button.

Photos attached this time.

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I have been asked to post a couple of pictures of my Kappler Lumber
Company lumber yard.

Photos attached.


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any chance you'd post a photo or two of that box?
i'd like a shot at making one as my lumber yard is in tubes and
scattered to the winds etc.

I had saved mailing tubes to store the lumber, and labeled the tubes
with the sizes. It was a mess and took up a lot of space. One day
Frank walked into my shop and presented me with 7x8x28 inch, 7 drawer
box. The drawers had dividers to hold HO scale 1x2's through 12x12's,
plus two bottom drawers to hold his siding material.


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