Re: Update: NEW HO/HOn3 Broad Top Mountain Models East Broad Top RR Machine Shop Kit


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the kind words. To be honest, I can't take the credit, it has to go to Bill Banta of Banta Modelworks. Bill has done the design work, cutting, directions and will also be doing the kit packaging for me; I just supplied him with the idea and drawings: purchased through the FEBT. company store.

The Machine shop has a footprint of approx. 14x22 inches and is intended, like the prototype, to be the centerpiece of any EBT or freelanced HOn3 layout!

Thank you!
Nathan Kline

"Nathan, you are to be congratulated!

These look like beautiful kits.

Only problem is, I can’t see how I can justify them on a 24” X 21 ft D&RG Chili Line Layout.  🤔
I bet you will sell out, and soon.
Mike Van Hove
Columbia, MO

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