Re: Update: NEW HO/HOn3 Broad Top Mountain Models East Broad Top RR Machine Shop Kit


Just to clarify...the pre-order price of $150 was a special extra discounted price for the first 15 orders, which has been met. Since then there were some necessary design changes that resulted in a price increase. The $240 price is the new and permanent price as a result of the price increase due to design changes. This price includes insured USPS Priority Mail shipping to the continental US, a $25 value. PA residents charged 6% PA sales tax.

The footprint for the machine shop is approx. 14x22 inches.

The car shop was initially to be included, however, design constraints resulted in some extra design work to be able to make the machine shop be modified to accept the boiler house and car shop (At that time the decision was made to make three separate kits, like the Whiteground kits were designed, our next kit will be the boiler house, but I have yet to update the website to reflect this, and then the car shop followed by the remaining shops complex structure

If anyone has any questions or concerns please e-mail me off-list at nathan.kline83@... and I will be happy to answer you questions and concerns there.

Nathan Kline

"Gents the 240 price was a pre release price as I was told.
The original price was to be 150 for the complete kit less the boiler house.
I haven’t heard from Nate regarding the car shop building other than its next.

Ric Case 
EBT Modeler 
Hamilton Ohio 

Nathan Kline
Tiadaghton Valley Railroad & Coal Co.
McConnellsburg, PA

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