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David Laverick


I had a similar scenario with an O gauge engine and asked for help with pricing it fairly.  As others mention, hard to say, the value of these treasures are best decided by those willing to say and pay. I took the easy way and I am using eBay. ( ) You pay the fees but you also get the largest audience in a short period of time and eBay with all their rules and fees make it easy. I like the idea of HOSwap, I will check that out. Thanks.


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hello Don, and all.

to answer your question, exactly what that kit is worth is hard to say.
personally, and this is just me talking about myself, I can't see it being worth 500 dollars.
that does not mean it isn't, because the next guy might think it's a bargain at that price.
really, the only way to know what it's worth is put it up for sale and see what it brings.
ebay would likely be the place for it to bring the most, if you're strictly out to get all it'll bring.
'course, they call if "feebay" for a reason, and you'll have to shell out for their cut.
but, a week or whatever after putting in on there, it should be sold.
good luck.

9 months ago I inherited a Western Scale Models 20-Stamp Gold Mill with Interior, Kit #SE-3 HO Scale. I have been dreaming about building it. If I was 10 years younger or had a spot on my current layout I would. So I plan to part with it. I have seen prices on line $500+. I am interested in knowing its value from those that follow these things. Just after a fair price which would be about what?
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Don Bergman

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