Re: Calling all builders!


On the  subject of power tools, has anyone here gotten familiar with any of the new breed of portable band saws?  I want something for the hobby room that I can set up with a good 24 tooth Lenox bimetal blade.  Before I get too deep into inventing a solid benchtop mount for the thing I'd like to hear from anyone who has looked in this direction.  Anyone have links to pics or drawings of shop built table top structures for semi-permanent fixed mounting of one of these portable saws?  I know that Milwaukee has a $400 collapsible "job site" saw mounting rig; but it's huge and a bit pricey.   I want to experiment and if that type of saw turns out unsuitable for hobby work it can still "hang out" in my cold welding shop for cutting stuff that is too big for my old 4x6 cutoff saw.  EdW in Los Gatos, CA

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