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I can attest to the blood part, 21 stitches in my right thumb. I don't remember how many in my index finger. Both from my Dremel. Today I cannot use a smart phone as there is a tunnel down the middle of the finger where the stitches went.

I bought my Dremel in 1979 just after they came out. I use it all the time. since it's purchase I have acquired saw blade stabilizers, fine tooth blades, and  a saw sled,

I purchased the sled for a seller on eBay, it greatly improves the saws performance and utility.

I mounted the saw om a square of plywood and clamp that to my work bench when I need it. I store the saw in the knee hole of my work bench.

For those safety conscious ones. All my small power tools are mounted on bits of plywood that have bolts through them that drop into holes drilled in the bench top. This keeps them from wandering around if the clamps vibrate loose.


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Any of those will draw blood in an instant, and separate a digit from your hand leaving you with only 9! 

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