Re: PSC tank car kits

Jim Spencer

I have built a dozen or more of the PSC HOn3 kits and have one of the standard gauge unbuilt kits.  I could see no difference whatsoever between the two. My standard gauge kit came with set of plastic wheels, but no side frames.  The instructions recommend an Athearn truck or a Kadee 500 series truck, which is a cast steel Bettendorf design that came much later than when the cars were built in about 1909. 

I suspect the 1909 cars were  delivered with standard gauge arch bar trucks, possibly later converted to Andrews designs.  But I have no photos, general arrangement drawings, or folio drawings to confirm.  I suspect that screwing on a standard gauge truck will raise the car height to the standard gauge coupler height.  But again, I have no confirming information.

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