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Seb J


Didn’t know it was named FEPA but yes here (France) it it like this, P40 P60 and so on.


Le mar. 18 févr. 2020 à 19:26, Mike Van Hove <vanhovem22@...> a écrit :
I had no idea there were that many different ratings for grit size.
I’m guessing the American standard would be the ANSI ?

Not sure what FEPA is, maybe Euro ?

These two are close, but not exactly the same.

Guess I will have to dig out my Sandpaper Stash, and see what I have.

I saved this as a PDF and will see how my stuff compares.

And, remember what George Carlin said: “My stuff is Stuff, your Stuff is Crap!”

Mike Van Hove
Columbia, MO

On Feb 18, 2020, at 12:01 PM, Dusty <> wrote:

Just in case you ever wondered what the sand paper grit equivalent for emery paper is. Or microns or any other imaginable abrasive classification grade.


Sébastien Jubault
AECFM - Chemin de Fer de Rillé

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