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A custom built or rebuilt model is a far cry from a production built model that is one of 4000. Your Shay model probably is closer to a work of art. In as much as the world repeatedly keeps showing us,  that art and it's value are truly defined by the eye of the beholder. So the beholder will decide if it is a thing of beauty and desirable or not. And finally if the asking price is acceptable or not. Everything in your post leads me to believe that you are simply a guy that feels he is entitled to a fair price for his model when the time comes to part with it. Don't we all!

Do I feel that people that always expect to get something for less than fair market value are greedy. You bet I do!

My post on the greed and ignorance thing on Ebay was to point out the predatory nature of far too many of these Estate Liquidators that have popped up with the advent of Ebay. Many of them do not know a dam thing about model trains and don't ever care to. But they found out that brass models can be high ticket items. So every one of them is worth a pile of gold while it is in their hands. Many of them take advantage of the widows of families trying to dispose of their spouses and fathers collections. Using their own ignorance of the items true value against them.  A recent one of these estate liquidators posted several White Pass, EBT and D&RGW models he got from an estate. He sold several them with the wrong boxes and or wrong tenders. He clearly didn't know and didn't care. But he had no problem pricing them as high as market would bear!

I for one am just happy that I was able purchase the models I wanted when the prices were far, far more reasonable and not so drastically inflationary.

Dale B.

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 9:12 AM Bob Hu <player4656@...> wrote:
I have a shay that took me five years to finally get in my possession. It was very expensive upon completion but it's a custom job. Full interior including window glass and engineer. NCE ready with sound etc. Fully painted and weathered. And it runs excellent!
Now when I say expensive I mean it was around 2K. So should I just give it away because so of you would think me "greedy"?
To that I say hell no! I'll never build the layout this was intended for. I will put it on Ebay and sell it off eventually.
Seems to me that greed runs two ways. Trying to get something cheap is also greedy.
People are free to sell for what ever they can get. You are also free not to buy it. That's how a market works.

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