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Great to have a big picture historic perspective. 

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I have heard that those Egyptian tombs were looted of many cases of Blackstone passenger trucks. 

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Reputable or reliable dealers are a fantasy.  Everyone knows Dan;s Brass models and I have known two instances where they only gave about 50% of the value to the owners of huge collections.  Dealers are in it to make money and that is a fact.  The more profit they can make themselves the better they like it.  I was offered only 50% when I inquired about starting to dispose of my collection and was actually insulted.  They all do it so its not just one person, they are in business and consider it an investment, no more.  Our idea that they will treat us right because we have been a good customer holds as much water as a screen door.  Your best bet is to take care of the sale yourself and start selling it off while you are still capable, remember nobody can take it with them.  Even the Egyptian Pharo's thought they could and had their elaborate tombs robbed.

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I have a few valuable things other than models. I have suggested in my will that these certain things will be either appraised and/or sold to a reputable dealer. I have specified reliable dealers in my will. Of course, my heirs can do as they will, but at least I will have done what I can to eliminate the vultures. And I know at least one guy that will probably be pounding on the door before my funeral.

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