Mark Kasprowicz

If someone is prepared to pay $800.00 for a Kodama C-16 then so be it. If you are not that way inclined then do not buy it. Perhaps the root problem behind the rise in prices is supply and demand. There is at present no-one making anything specifically for HOn3. I don't mean structures or scenery, they're equally good for the biggest scale - HO, so they're common as dirt. But HOn3 has had no real new additions apart from DP's big K's costing $2K, for some time. A few years back there was MMI, Blackstone, Roundhouse and Microtrains all making RTR stuff. Take a look at an older Gazette and check how many of the companies involved in HOn3 making kits and RTR like cars, locomotives, track even (the biggest supplier of HOn3 track might just be PECO, a UK company!) are still trading. Some like Grandt and PSC may revive, we might even see a, HOn3 K-28 and K-36 flying past the window alongside a large flight of pigs but right now there is a vacuum. Did you notice that the first K-27's from both companies came out in 2006? My grandson was still in dipers then and he's now driving a car!

And to be honest, seeing the price increases of Chinese producted goods, I would not expect 2020 prices to be significantly lower that that Kodama c-16. I seriously believe those who say 'Cinese cheap' has gone forever.

Mark K

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