Mike Conder

My favorite was a Rail Line box car kit, unbuilt, that sold for over $100 when it was available on the shelf at Caboose for under $12. 

Mike Conder

On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 5:51 AM Mark Kasprowicz <marowicz@...> wrote:

Sounds like it might be. If it is he got the better deal on the K-27 than the track!
Many years ago there was a buyer on Ebay who bought every decent brass model from Westside and PSC that came up on Ebay. He'd set a high bid and let everyone try and out bid him. I know for a fact that a couple of people (and they were on this list) used to push the price up for kicks knowing that he would ultimately win. They always seem to know when to stop. I don't think they ever got stuck with an overpriced item.
This could be the same or it could just be the Ebay red viel of course.

Mark K

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