Dale Buxton

The prices people ask and pay on Ebay have just gone insane over the last two years.

Certainly inflation has played a part here. But the rapid inflation of HOn3 prices on Ebay is far, far greater than the rate of inflation. It’s just plain and simple GREED!

There has been a proliferation of estate liquidators and a lot of false statements about item rarities. 

For instance. I love it when a seller says that a Westside No. 278 C-16 is extremely rare. And then puts a $800 price tag on it. What planet does this seller live on? All I can say is. Dream on!

 Before he died, Dick Truesdale (spelling) published a scan on the old HOn3 list of his production records for the 278. Over a number of years, he imported about 4000 of the them from Kodoma! Only about 200 (I think it’s actually less) of these were the high grade versions with cab interiors and micro motors.

There were also about 1000 C-25’s produced. Another model that often has unrealistically high asking prices.

There is a lot of charlatanism praying on buyer ignorance on Ebay these days. There are also very few ways for new hobbyists to weed through these claims and get a fair price. 

With local model train shops disappearing faster than the Ice caps. Where does a hobbyist go for accurate information on fair pricing?

There are just not enough people that were around when these models came out that remember the original prices or numbers produced. Or a consistent way of finding this information. Brass does have a brass model history list. But, even it is not entirely accurate all of the time.

Now more than ever on Ebay. Caveat Emptor! 

On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 04:47 Mark Lewis <narrowrails12@...> wrote:

I wonder if it's the same bidder, who has paid over $900.00 for a BS K27, over $800.00 for a BS C19 and $275.00 for a BS Caboose?  🤔

Mark Lewis 
Narrow gauge modeling in N.C.

On Sun, Feb 16, 2020, 3:46 AM Mark Kasprowicz <marowicz@...> wrote:
This might make you smile. On Ebay at present there is a Blackstone Protraxx Starter set which originally sold for around $80. The highest bid is $810.00 and there is still time to go.

Mark K

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