Selling a Brass Heisler in 1:48 Scale

David Laverick

I acquired this locomotive years ago and due to space limitations I hope to model in HO so it is fund raising time. I am seeking some idea what to ask for this jewel, I am seeking some coaching.
It is Heisler #3 by Westside Model Company in O scale or 1:48. (Not sure what the proper terms are used by enthusiasts).  It comes in the original box but I renewed the foam packaging and no other document remain. It comes with standard and narrow gauge trucks, (it is presently 3 foot narrow gauge). I have a You Tube out there creeping across a trestle I made with "Real Small Lumber" ;                  I have a tone of pictures but wasn't sure how to include them? I am happy to provide them if you like. Looking forward to being connected with the like of this group as the years permit. Thanks for what ever help you can provide. Dave

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