During the early to mid 1960's I use to visit a hobby shop in Elgin, Illinois by the name of Schlicker's Tobacco & Hobby shop in downtown and within walking distance across the Fox river to the train station. In that great old store there was a really nice selection of wood from Northeastern Wood that came in what appeared to be mailing tubes about 2 inches in diameter. The back end of the tube was metal and a metal cap was on the opening end. They stored the wood tubes in vertical rows, first row was a tube each of 1x2, 1x4, 1x6, all the way to 1x12. the second row was the same only 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, and the next 4x4, 4x6 4x8 and up. This went on for about half a dozen vertically stacked rows of tubes. The tube caps had the wood size just printed on stickers and the price per piece on he end. They also had the sheet wood in stack next to it. This was my favorite part of the show, besides drooling near the brass glass case doors. hahahhaa I built many model from that wood and got for free many of the tubes that I still have today. I did paint the caps white and used dry transfers to put the sizes on though. So today, when I need a size a remove the tube, hold my hand over the opening and turn it upside down letting the short wood fall to my hand, then tip it side ways and select the pieces I need. Simple and effective. Perhaps thin wall PVC and caps could do the same for others.
PS: Yes, I did break down and in 1964 bought a PFM Ma&PA 2-8-0 23-26 for $34.95, and my parents though I was nuts for spending so much on a "toy train". Still go it today.

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Not sure if this was mentioned and I just missed it, but Here's another
vertical solution:


I use a variation of Don's approach. In my case a couple of 2"square
by 24" mailing tubes, with each size in its individual plastic sleeve.
I also take the precaution of labeling each piece with its scale size
before storing. A set of drawers like Al's would take up way too much
volume in my limited shop space.

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