Re: San Juan Model Co (Grandtline)

David Laverick


What a generous act to share this outline with "the group”, it is a relatively small community we are apart of and seek to serve, but then our concerns and delight are all relatively small.  It is no small effort to design and make quality product and buying another company and transforming it back to quality productivity with some modest profit, well I honor you for what your doing. May the things you are learning not be too expensive and may God bless the work of you hands. 
Thank’s for keeping these products alive for us and the next generation.


On Jan 29, 2020, at 8:22 PM, Doc Bond <boomer1944@...> wrote:

I'm an HOn30 guy but sometimes parts is parts... so Thank You for carry on and saving these parts for all of us to enjoy for the future.

Gordon Spalty

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