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John Stutz


I have been doing a little probing into the Shapeways search program recently. Little in the way of definite results yet, but a few things will help.

Start at Shapeways' Marketplace:
At the right, under Miniatures, click on Trains.
At top of page, click on the magnifying glass to get the search window. Enter "HOn3", without quotes, to get about 500 items that include the tag HOn3 in their item descriptions.
This is where search get murky, since matching appears to be by character sequence in any tag, so a search on "HOn3" will match with both "HOn30" and "anyHOn3thing". But "HOn30" in the search box will not match with "HOn3". See the Tags at the bottom of any item's description page for possibilities.
At this point you can use the Types at left to narrow the search, but note that these types fall far short of covering all possibilities.
Simple searching on multiple tags will get you everything that matches either tag. To get only items that match both tags, search on 'tag1 and tag2'. But this tends to be quite limiting, and is wholly dependent on the tags a seller uses to describe their products.
I have not yet determined how to do logical combinations of the tags, such as (A or B) and C, or (A and B) or C.

I have found it quite useful to start with the HOn3 items, locate something interesting, and then go to the seller's store. On most item's description page, under the basic description at top right, the seller's store link is given in blue. Click on that, and you have access to everything that particular person offers. Much may not be of interest, but the better sellers will offer a list of search topics to the left.

Hope this is useful. Unfortunately Shapeways does not seem to have posted any documentation on how their marketplace search facility works, particularly the essential details of how to narrow a search to items of interest. Probably another case of "All of us know how to do it, so we assume everyone else does too."

If anyone can add to this, please do. I suspect that all of us are tired of paging through dozens of mis-hits to find what we want, assuming we ever do.

John Stutz

On 03/24/2018 08:13 AM, duncan wrote:
    Wow!  What a find!  How did you do that?  Every time I go to Shapeways and look for HOn3 cars I find it is an almost innavigable (is there such a word?) maze.  So, how in the world did you find this?  I have ordered both this car and the baggage. Thanks for the find and passing it along!

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