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I have not converted one to HOn3, but I spent an hour working on one last night.  If you are lucky enough to find anyone who has any extra parts, try getting yourself a handful of the axle retainer clips.

I have only two of them left, after the others cracked and fell apart in the box.  Another problem is the splitting of the sideframe retainers. Glue does not want to adhere the white metal to engineering plastic. I took my soldering iron, with my smallest tip, and "welded" the seam. Careful that you don't get the retainer too hot and melt it off.

Good luck with the conversion.

Big Al from Cal 

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Does anyone have experience taking this from HO to HOn3?  I contacted NWSL who directed me to their old products sheet and though I did not see anything specific for that kit, I thought I would ask here.


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