Re: Painting HOn3 Labelle Wood Kits

Michael Dunn

On Jan 1, 2020, at 4:09 PM, RGSFAN <amwing1588@...> wrote:


I've found for great results (albeit a lot of work) with any wood kit.... I spray the finished car(s) with clear semi-gloss Deft Lacquer. The lacquer seals the wood pours and lifts the grain slightly. Once dry...(in minutes) I sand the surface using a small 400 grit sanding sponge. This creates a surface that feels as smooth as a babies bottom, then spray PBL's Star brand or True- color paint (both are an acetone based paint). I would try some test pieces first before spraying a model though.

John Miller
I'm midway through building Narrow Gauge Colorado's Placerville Depot kit (stuck on the roofing) and used PBL's Star Brand for the first time. Used their thinner, but was really impressed with how well it went down.

I have been trying for years to airbrush acrylics with varying results, PBL's paint is the closest I've come to old school original formula Floquil in... well a really, really long time.

So Randy, consider this a long winded +1 to John's recommendation!


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