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Dale Buxton

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Looking for info and suggestions for painting Labelle HOn3 wood kits


Randy J



Pretty much all model paints today (save for Accu-Paint and Scale Coat) are some form of water based acrylic, enamel or urethane enamels. For all water or based acrylics or enamels, you should prime the wood parts with a solvent based spray on primer. Like Krylon Primer and Paint in white or primer gray. This is the primer method Banta Model Works and Raggs to Riches suggest. It works nicely from my experience. It seals the wood and prevents the wood from warping from the water based paints as they cure. Spray all wood parts to be painted prior to assembly and let dry at least 2 days before beginning construction. For final coatings I use mostly Vallejo Model Colours these days. The are from Spain and the Europeans still make the finest pigments around. Vallejo’s German Red Brown Primer is the best match for Tuscan Red that I’ve found ever.

Mission Models makes some very nice urethane enamels. They go on and cure with an excellent final surface. They are a bit fiddly to learn how to use but well worth the time spent in doing so. They are promising some rail road colors some day but, the existing line of military and automotive colors are broad. 

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