Re: Rio Grande Models status?

Andrew Thompson

Nothing on his Facebook page indicates an issue - he posted a photo on the 22d.  I'm not registered on Facebook; so I can't message, but maybe if someone else would...?  It's possible the website has been hijacked or there's a problem with the website service, has happened before.  I don't remember the specifics, but Trout Creek Engineering had to rebuild their website with a different url (.co instead of .com)

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Probably closed for the holidays.
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Subject: [HOn3] Rio Grande Models status?

Went to print order form and saw 'CLOSED' in big letters on their home page. Called Coronado and Sheldon said he was at their Web Site yesterday and didn't recall seeing 'CLOSED'. Anyone know what's  happening? Hope all is well.

Dusty Burman 
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