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Mike Van Hove

Thanks, Art,

Looks like a pretty good match, to me.

Mike van Hove

On Mar 25, 2018, at 8:50 PM, Art D3 <apdutra3@...> wrote:

People have previously asked about matching the green paint Blackstone used on their open platform coaches. I've finally gotten around to trying to match Blackstone's coach green using Tamiya paint. I chose Tamiya because the LHS in my area are exclusively military modeling based so they stock Tamiya paint. I started with XF-58 olive green as I thought it was close to the coach green as a starting point. Attached are some pictures of a test on Evergreen car siding (not passenger car siding) of the current mix. I think its pretty close, but I'd appreciate some feedback from others.

The current formula is;
XF-58 olive green 10ml bottle
add 6.5 ml of XF-7 flat red
and 1.0 ml of XF-1 flat black.

I use a measured eye dropper to add colors to the base color. The test card was sprayed with Testor's Glosscote to match the stock Blackstone car finish. If you wish to mix your own I would recommend adding the red first, then add the black a few drops at a time until you're satisfied with the color.


The pictures were taken under "daylight" 5000K LED lighting which will probably be what my layout will use.

Art Dutra

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