Re: Layout power requirements

Robert Weaver

Check your local building codes to see if they have a minimum Amp requirement for a sub panel.  I did a 50 Amp sub panel for my garage and layout room.    Also think if you ever want to add anything it is nice to have extra possibilities (such as exterior lights).

In my layout room which is an extension off my garage (16x20, double deck) I divided up my circuits as:
  - 1 @ 15 amp for lights
         * overhead room lights
         * bench work lights
         * effect lights
  - 1 @ 20 amp for wall receptacles (North & West walls)
  - @ 20 amp for wall receptacles (South & East walls)

And I added receptacles in the peninsula from one wall. 

Each one of the circuits (lights and wall receptacles) within the train room are on separate wall switches so nothing stays live when not in use (aka when you leave), that way an accidentally left plugged in soldering iron or portable room heater doesn’t catch fire. 

Other circuits from the 50 amp sub go to my shop.   

Be sure to use the proper gauge wire/romex (and conduit if not dry walling) for your lines.  
    - 12 gauge for receptacles 
    - 14 gauge for lights (you can use 12 gauge for lights too, but don’t use 14 gauge for any receptacles circuits).

Have never had any issues. 

Rob Weaver

On Dec 21, 2019, at 10:00 AM, Steve Hatch <hatch@...> wrote:

What are you guys planning?????
  I'm running a 46x20 foot S  and Sn3 railroad in a separate building with 30 overhead lights
and 7 operators  with multilash-up and I'm not using 10 amps yet.
  My goodness one wall plug  ONE  is good for 15 amps minimum.
  yes run it's own circuit but my gosh 100 amps???
  Are you planning on an electric melt steel furnace?

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