Re: Layout power requirements

Mike Van Hove

Steve is right.  You can way over do it on capacity.

My 8 ft X 30 Ft Colorado Midland layout was all on on 20 amp circuit.

Switch machine circuit, Digitracks Empire Builder,  plus soldering equipment, and in the winter, an electric heater,

Never kicked the breaker.

Only problem I ever had was if I had several people running trains at the same time, the DCC would sometimes shut down.

I found the  Heat Sinks on the back of the Empire box were getting fairly warm.

I bought a very small Muffin fan, mounted it on a homemade bracket so it was always aimed at the Empire DCC Box.

Turned that sucker on, the heatsinks cooled right down and no more problem.

And, the fan was on that same circuit.

Also had a Dorm Refrigerator (For soft drinks and to keep my ACC glues cold)  Those glues will last a LONG time, if they are kept cold.

Probably a good idea to have the lighting on its own circuit.  (I did)

Two or three circuits will be nice, but don’t go overboard.

I ran all my wiring with 12 Gage wire, so I could have 20 amp circuits.  Easy  to do at the beginning, and the cost difference is not very much.

Mike Van Hove

On Dec 21, 2019, at 12:00 PM, Steve Hatch <hatch@...> wrote:

What are you guys planning?????
  I'm running a 46x20 foot S  and Sn3 railroad in a separate building with 30 overhead lights
and 7 operators  with multilash-up and I'm not using 10 amps yet.
  My goodness one wall plug  ONE  is good for 15 amps minimum.
  yes run it's own circuit but my gosh 100 amps???
  Are you planning on an electric melt steel furnace?

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