Layout power requirements

Stephen Silver

I am building out part of the unfinished basement in a new house to accommodate the Silver Creek & Mellow Gulch Railway.  The room is 22ft X 17ft.  Loop to loop from one 22 ft wall to the other (19 ft of usable benchwork) with a peninsula on the short wall.

I won;'t be running any big tools, just the DCC layout and all the little things that make it sparkle, the overhead lighting, and the tools at the bench.  Add an occasional shop vacuum use, air brush compressor and booth fan, HVAC is on a 220 circuit.

I am going to get a sub panel installed for this space.  Any ideas on how many amps I should plan for?  There are too many things to be acquired in the future it seems hard to make a list and add it all up.

Thanks in advance.

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