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Mike Van Hove

Hi,Good morning Troops:

I’ve built over 100 Turnouts, using the Fast Tracks Jigs and Tools.

I have used both Weathered ME and Unweathered ME Rail.

Either one works just fine, altho the Weathered requires an additional step.

Both types need to be pristinely clean in the area to be soldered, however you MUST get the weathering off before soldering.

You only need to remove the weathering from the very bottom of the rail, anything else is just wasted effort.

I use a 6” very fine file to remove the weathering.

Place the rail, bottom side up in your Panavise, very lightly tighten the vice.

I prefer to “Draw File”, rather than straight across the rail.  You won’t catch the rail and jerk it out of the vice, that way.

2 or 3 strokes of the file is usually all that’s required.

Another thing I’ve done, when building a batch of turnouts is I use my 1” X 30” Belt sander with a very fine (220) grit belt.

This only needs a brief touch to the belt to really get the rail clean.

(I also use the belt sander to do some of the rough Point shaping and to relieve the Stock Rail where the Point lays in.)

I then do the final finish shaping with a fine file.

Either type of rail is do-able, the Fast Track jigs make for very good repeatability, they look great, function vey well, and once you get going, you can turn out several Turnouts at a session.

I know this sounds sarcastic, but I mean no harm.

Have you made use of the excellent (free) Tutorial videos that Tim has made available on the FastTacks Website?

When I bought my first jig from him, several years ago, he included a DVD with all the steps in great detail.

It’s well worth the time to view the entire DVD.

Remember the words of the famous old geezer, Socrates:  “RTFM”.

Mike Van Hove

Columbia, Missouri 

On Dec 21, 2019, at 6:07 AM, Mark Rosche via Groups.Io <m_rosche@...> wrote:

In my HOn3 days (now model in Sn3), I would use the weathered rail on straight and curved portions (all hand laid but not glued or soldered) and non-weathered for turnout building (soldered to pc board ties) get the rails to look uniform after installing a turnout, I would treat the turnout with the ME Rail Weathering Solution (which is what ME uses to weather their rail, albeit in bulk) and the entire section would look as it was all one type of rail...removing the weathering from the tops of the rails was easy...400/600 grit wet/dry sand paper is your friend...



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