Re: Advices on pre-weathered rail

Bill Lugg

The little bit I've used it, I find you need to clean the weathering off where you're going to solder (joiners, ties, etc.) and the rail head for operation to be dependable.  The look of the finished product is not bad though.

Bill Lugg

On 12/20/19 1:46 AM, Seb J wrote:
Hi guys !

Any advices on Micro-Engineering pre-weathered rail, related to hand laid track, turnout construction, wheels electrical pick-up, does it solder easily to copper ties, and so on !?
Would look nice I guess, but I wonder if the chemical process can be an issue regarding to quality of operations ? Thanks for your advices.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Sébastien Jubault
AECFM - Chemin de Fer de Rillé

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