705 mount with a K36 plow


My operation scheme is to run large K class engines out of staging and then swap power to K27s, Cs and Ts. Switching with large power will be minimal but potentially necessary. So functional pilot couplers are a requirement. I just acquired the last large K I required. But it has this neat plow....

I made a piece of rectangular 'tubing' using 2 - .080 channels. I cemented strip into one end to provide a solid spot to drill a mounting screw hole. I ACCed the trimmed down 705 shank into the other end of the tubing. Result is a bit low but functional. The problem is coupling to a 714. The screw prevents the shank from pivoting so coupling first bump is intermittent. Me thinks adding shims to each side of the tubing to limit travel and leaving the screw loose to allow slight travel might offer a solution. This highly visible situation is what I envisioned using 705s for.

No way in hell can a 714 be mounted in a close to prototype location without hogging out a major opening.

What has anyone else done?

Dusty Burman 
623 261-8707

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