Re: Blackstone K-27

Mark Kasprowicz

Stuff happens. It sounds as if the decoders motor output has failed. Having said that I am at a loss to figure out what you could have touched while wheel cleaning that could have done this. Nor why sparks flew. Unless the loco and tender were stripped down.
As always try CV8=8 and recycle the power before anything else. Applying DV volts to the outside of the drawbar pins will prove that the motor still works which I suspect it will. (BTW I bought a spare BS drawbar harness and just plug the locos in whenever they need a oil out. Not too often now.)
Not a super-fry where nothing works and there is a burnt bit on the decoder board, but enough for a return trip to Blackstone for some TLC. You might call them before if only to figure what you touched sent the thing off in the first place.

Mark K
Oxon, England.

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