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We dread the winters cold and snow that accumulates here as well.  Not only does it get bad to just get out of the house but the roads are almost impassable and most of the people here go nuts when then see it.  Mickey's is not too pleased either here it here Orlando too.

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Yeah I have to really watch when the wind starts to blow as it can blow the snow up too the doors! Fortunately we don’t get a whole bunch of snow here in southern Ohio! It does get cold though!

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  Yep Ric the room is dry.   Was a bit blowin in under the door but i
need to replace the threshold  with one that seals good.  Needed to do that anyway.
 I have a really good wood stove that keeps the whole house warm and cozy.
I have one in the train room as well but I just leave the little propane
stove on real low and it keeps it warm in there.

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