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John Stutz


Glenwood's circa 1970 reprint of "Recent Locomotives (1886)" is apparently not online, but available from used booksellers. This has six 4-4-0 drawings from the 1880 edition, and seven more from the 1886 edition. The latter include both a Brooks and a Baldwin 3' gauge 4-4-0, the latter built for the Fulton County NG line and including cross sections. These drawings and the accompanying texts are copied from contemporary technical magazines, and much more informative than what is normally found in modeling magazines.

A much less well known source is "Modern Locomotives" of 1900, online at Google Books, found with: "modern locomotives: illustrations, specifications and details of typical". This appears to be ancestral to the much better known Locomotive Dictionaries and Cyclopedias. It covers both American and European steam and electric locomotives. The contents consist mostly of a photograph and detailed dimensions, for nearly 400 engines from the previous decade. There are numerous general and detail drawings for the larger engines. There is also some interesting technical discussion on recent trends in locomotive design. There are only a few NG drawings, including a meter gauge Brooks built 4-4-0(#23) and 4-8-0(#123) for the Central do Brazil, and the Quincy & Torch Lake's1894 Mogul(#94). Some very interesting NG engine are only shown with photographs here: #23 is an early version of the White Pass's outside framed 4-6-0s; #76 an early version of the C-17; #141 a BLW outside framed 0-6-4T for helper service on the Costa Rica Ry; #152 a Vauclain compound 4-4-0; #188 a United Verde Vaulclain compound Mogul.

The Locomotive Dictionary of 1906, the first, is also available on line, but only has 3 drawings and a diagram of late model SG 4-4-0s.

John Stutz

On November 17, 2019 at 7:33 PM Don Bergman <DBRenegade@...> wrote:

I have a friend who wants to build a wood model of a 4-4-0 engine.   Can someone point me in the direction for some plans.  I am sure there are some in the Gazette so if someone has the Index to past Gazettes can you do a search for me?
I should be able to find plans for RGS #36 4-4-0 but I am coming up short.


Don Bergman



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