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I had the same problem for an engine house. I just cut up the Grand windows and sectioned them together to make the size I needed. This was before 3d printers. The next time I need custom sizes, I'm going to just print them.
John Peckham

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Hi Russ,

I had a similar dilemma when working on a stamp mill in S scale...I finally broke down an purchased a SLA 3D printer (around $300) to make the darn things myself...with Fusion 360 (free for hobbyists) it took me all of 30min to design the window frames and a bit of time (depends on the layer thickness)to print seemed expensive at first for „just a few window frames“ but I have put it through its paces for all sorts of things (working on a turntable bridge at the moment) and the investment was well worth it...

Just my $0.02...



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