Re: Getting brass painted

Doug Cummings

I don't know what the problem here is but I model in HO/HOn3 and have had many of my brass models painted. 


I can fully appreciate your thinking this would be a daunting task...I had reservations about disassembling a “well working” brass loco to paint it...I model in Sn3 where the costs are higher than in the end of the day, it is all about building your confidence in yourself and your modeling abilities...before I tackled my first locomotive, I purchased some “cheaper”, “older” models on which to practice and hone my skills before embarking on the brass conscience did not feel so bad when I “messed up” something on a $30 model vs how I would of felt when I “messed up” on a $800 is like everything in life; practice, practice, practice...  

The only way to truly learn something is to make mistakes and correct them so you know what to avoid in the one is perfect on the first try \uD83D\uDE01



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