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Russ Norris

Mike, here is an alternative.  While I was in Sacramento, I bought an HOn3 brass track cleaner car from Centerline Products.  I actually bought it from Steve at Caboose Hobbies who had a bunch of them running in different scales during the convention.  The car itself is brass and heavy.  There is a slot for a brass cylinder, which you wrap in absorbent material and place in the slot.  The car comes with extra material for wrapping and little tiny rubber bands to hold the wrapping in place.  When I first put it on the tracks, it worked pretty well -- after running a train around the main for a while the wrapping had two black streaks from the gunk it picked up.  But I wasn't 100% satisfied.  The cloth wrapping was hard to keep wound and the rubber banks (the package only included a few) kept breaking. Plus the fact that the clunky brass car didn't quite fit in with my narrow gauge scenery!  So I made a few changes.  I got rid of the rubber bands and secured the cloth wrapper to the cylinder by putting a thin bead of super glue to hold the wrapper in place.  Then I disassembled an HOn3 reefer (Microtrains, I think)  and popped it over the brass track cleaner car.  It fits perfectly!   The car works as intended, cleans the track, and looks like a conventional reefer.  All this for about $75.  I think it's a bargain.  Google Centerline Products.  The HOn3 car doesn't appear on their website, but they carry it.  Give them a call.

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Has anyone tried to convert a CMX Products N scale Brass Track Cleaning car to HOn3?     The standard gauge HO car doesn't convert.  


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