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Also I believe that equates to sunroof thickness of a little over 1" thick.  Depending on size of structure, very little roof support is needed.

I scribe down the center and fold over the peak, so the plywood pieces are still connected as one piece.  You can attach roof and run some thin CA on the underside of the peak to prevent it from ever cracking along the scribe.

1/64 ply is sold in 6x9 sheets, but can be purchased in sheets up to 24x48.  


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Thanks Al.  Very helpful.

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I use 1/64" 3-ply plywood for roofing (cuts easily with Xacto or single edge razor blade). Very strong, no warping. Available from shops that sell R/C planes . They use it for sheeting wings. To add corrugated roofing, you can draw your alignment lines, cover with 3M transfer adhesive and stick roofing to the adhesive and it will never come loose. Also works great for a shingle or tar paper roof.


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Why not use either sheet plastic of the right thickness or even sheet metal for the roofs instead of the card stock ones?

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I have found that painting both sides of the roof material helps stop the warping! 

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Perhaps buy the extra two or three stalls for the Sargents kit giving you a rarer six stall house and then look around for a more common two or three staller. I just finished a five stall Sargents and can confirm it will take a K-37 but the track has to be centralised accurately. It goes together very well but beware of the roof. It has a tendancy to warp especially with the extra stalls. If I were doing it again I'd contact Bill when ordering the extra stalls (easiest place to get them) and got him to supply another one piece three stall roof. I had to add an extension to the sides of the roof to make it fit so that might be a cure for that. There's a fair amount of timberwork that has to be glued under the roof which is supposed to straighten it, but I gave up after a while when it seemed it wasn't going to happen.
Use spirit based paints when apply the tissue/ tar paper, again to avoid warping.
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