Re: Narrow Gauge Roundhouses

Jeff Young

Thanks for the info, Mark.

I’ve got a Sargents kit (with three extra stalls), but getting through Kokomo, Marshall Pass and the Alpine Tunnel to Sargents is going to take me another 10 years or so.  I hope I still remember your advice by then. ;)


On 12 Nov 2019, at 08:09, Mark Kasprowicz <marowicz@...> wrote:

Perhaps buy the extra two or three stalls for the Sargents kit giving you a rarer six stall house and then look around for a more common two or three staller. I just finished a five stall Sargents and can confirm it will take a K-37 but the track has to be centralised accurately. It goes together very well but beware of the roof. It has a tendancy to warp especially with the extra stalls. If I were doing it again I'd contact Bill when ordering the extra stalls (easiest place to get them) and got him to supply another one piece three stall roof. I had to add an extension to the sides of the roof to make it fit so that might be a cure for that. There's a fair amount of timberwork that has to be glued under the roof which is supposed to straighten it, but I gave up after a while when it seemed it wasn't going to happen.
Use spirit based paints when apply the tissue/ tar paper, again to avoid warping.
Mark K

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