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John Stutz


This track served the carpentry shop, which probably predates the predominance of steel rolling stock. The extra narrow gauge track was probably a tram used to move wood car sills, or bundled smaller material, in and out of the shop.  A 4"x 8"x30' car sill runs about 300lbs, so you can see why they would want to move them on a small rail car.  As to where it went, I would expect to find a wood storage/drying shed near the far end.

As to gauge, what was used in the company's coal mines?

John Stutz

On November 4, 2019 at 12:34 PM Bruce <in2trains@...> wrote:

So the group is aware, I have placed a pre-order.  These guys make great kits and I have to believe this one will add to their reputation.  Can't wait for my "Xmas"  present!  Now I just have to let my bride know I am good to go for the holidays.

PS - I am reading Kyper's newest book.  One picture (copy attached) of the south wall of the car shop shows rails running up to the small door between the west and middle doors.  Does anyone know what gauge the rails were and how far south away from the car shop they ran?  Reviewing the car shop floor plan (copy also attached) they appear narrower than 3'.  Maybe 24"??


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Hi Ric,

Yes, it will be the complete structure; 2 bay loco shop, boiler shop, machine shop, and 3 bay car shop.
Nathan Kline



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