Narrow Gauge Roundhouses

Stephen Silver

Hi all.  I'll start by saying that I am starting a layout from scratch, have high intermediate modeling skills, and have a lot to do so I deem scratch building out of bounds until so much more is done.

I have a plan that has two turntables and two roundhouses.  I have acquired the Sargents kit by Banta for point B as 3 stalls is what I need.  For point A, I am looking for a minimum 5 stall kit, could fit 6. Love the CC Crow stuff, but way more than I can accommodate and a bit pricey with long long waits.  I have looked at the Model Masterpieces Como kit, that could work but I am not really that enthusiastic about it.  I like the SSI Sterling standard gauge kit but feel it would dwarf the narrow gauge gear.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on an HOn3 scaled kit?  Thanks. S

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